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January 17, 2006 by historyishere
After reading a recent entry and set of comments by Texas Wahine, I was reminded of a site I used to visit a long time ago called Flame Warriors. I also made me think about what kind of warriors we have floating around here. Granted, it is a list that was developed for Usenet groups, but it still has a lot of relevance to this community as well. Personally, I think I have sort of become a Big Cat, because as the classification says, "Big Cat would rather not fight...he enjoys peacefully ob...
December 20, 2005 by historyishere
Chewbacca Sings! I just saw this item listed on Pop Candy, and the first time I heard it I almost fell out of my chair. Check it out. Granted, it doesn't have staying power, but it is worth checking out.
December 20, 2005 by historyishere
Chewbacca Sings! I just saw this item listed on Pop Candy, and the first time I heard it I almost fell out of my chair. Check it out. Granted, it doesn't have staying power, but it is worth checking out.
December 19, 2005 by historyishere
I am sure that many of you here have just read something that someone else has said and it made you literally stop in awe of the sheer lack of forethought in a statement. I was flipping through a copy of "The Big Ideas of 2006", put out by Adbusters and I just happen to stop on a page with this gem on it: "When are we going to take action and truly stop this disease called civilization?" HUH? Since when did civilization become a DISEASE? Is it a mental disorder, a virus, a degenerative...
December 16, 2005 by historyishere
Somehow this little bit of logic has seemed to suit me well over the years.
December 8, 2005 by historyishere
Technorati Profile Claiming a blog...yah!
November 30, 2005 by historyishere
I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but Fox is introducing a very scary thing.... Skating with Celebrities. I think the promos should have the theme music from Jaws on them, because as a concept it is scary AND it bites. Be afraid, be very afraid. *wishing Fox would bring back quality programming... like when Lawn Ornaments attack*
November 25, 2005 by historyishere
This should come as a surprise to no one that saw the traffic jam mess the networks created on Thursdays at 8PM. Faced with Survivor, Everybody Hates Chris, The O.C. and Joey, this cult favorite which was picking up steam with its Lost lead in suddenly found itself without an audience. So, ABC, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to move Alias to a post-Lost slot for a few weeks before finding another place for it and then cancelling the series in May. We all knew this was coming. ABC put th...
November 23, 2005 by historyishere
Na na na na... na na na na.... hey hey hey.... GOODBYE! Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out Terrell.
November 23, 2005 by historyishere
Serves me right for not double checking the code before I posted. *DOH!*
November 10, 2005 by historyishere
Just when I thought that this story would die down, now we have a new wrinkle in this whole engagement. Ralph Nader has come to the defense of Terrell Owens as the founder of the "League of Fans". He is asking that the Eagles' CEO re-instate T.O. on the grounds that a) he should be able to have his right to free speech and that by the organization's actions, they are denying the fans(particularly season ticket holders) the opportunity to see one of the best receivers in the game. If I am pickin...
November 5, 2005 by historyishere
In the past few days, I've watched videos from two different wideouts... Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson, and despite some similarities in talents, I notice a stark contrast between them in attitude and team spirit. This isn't about things like the sharpie or the pepto-bismal.... it is more about their attitude about the game. Eagle Terrell Owens, as of the moment has been suspended for bad-mouthing his team and fellow players in an ESPN interview, and this is not the first time he has been gu...
November 4, 2005 by historyishere
Over the past few days, I’ve really been thinking about my place here at JoeUser. This is no goodbye entry or anything like that, so those of you who have read me in the past, I assure you that I am not going anywhere. I have almost always made it a point in my online life that I don’t make things personal… that I don’t reveal too much about myself and try to allow others to do the same thing, because when you get personal, you give people ammunition against you later on. It has, for the lon...
November 2, 2005 by historyishere
Is it me, or is EA becoming the Montgomery Burns of gaming... without the charm? Yes, alas it is true... on the next generation of platforms, any game based on the Simpsons will be made by EA, the juggernaut that already owns the exclusive NFL and NCAA Footbal licence, and given the quality of most Simpsons games in the past(Vivendi Universal's Hit and Run being a notable exception), this is a horrifying prospect. While EA may actually produce good games with the licence, I fear that in fa...
October 19, 2005 by historyishere
I was just reading entertainment news over at yahoo! news and I noticed that they are now beta-testing a new module that is going to be able to search blogs... I don't know if it is only going to be selected blog sites or if the algorithm is developed to the point where it can independently figure out what is a blog and what is a normal webpage, but it seems like an interesting development. Given how well JoeUser articles and the Google search engine go together, I got to thinking about this who...