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December 19, 2005 by historyishere
I am sure that many of you here have just read something that someone else has said and it made you literally stop in awe of the sheer lack of forethought in a statement.

I was flipping through a copy of "The Big Ideas of 2006", put out by Adbusters and I just happen to stop on a page with this gem on it:

"When are we going to take action and truly stop this disease called civilization?"

HUH? Since when did civilization become a DISEASE? Is it a mental disorder, a virus, a degenerative...
March 9, 2005 by historyishere
The Big Huh?
December 6, 2004 by historyishere
Well, this sounds like a familiar story... a teacher with some Muslim students tells her students that they can replace "Jesus" in a Christmas song with "virtue," and everyone gets in a tizzy. Sounds like something that could be happening anyway in Anglo-North America, doesn't it. But there is a fine twist to this one.

It's happening in Italy... one of the great centers of the Catholic world. And the Pope is not amused. Neither is the Mayor of the town where this happened or the brother of th...
November 12, 2004 by historyishere
Michael Moore has confirmed he is working on a sequel to F 9/11 called F 9/11 1/2 with the backing of Harvey Weinstein which will be ready in 2-3 years, which is going to be largely the same targets as the original film.

Moore's rationale, in his own words:

We want to get cameras rolling now and have it ready in two, three years. We want to document it. Fifty-one per cent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them. They weren't t...
November 4, 2004 by historyishere
I think all this partisan mudslinging should end pretty quick.... the elections over already, and we should start concentrating on more important things. I am looking forward to return of the halcyon days when the left, right and center could agree that all politicians are basically all intrustworthy scum and no matter who gets in office, well, you are getting screwed over in some way or another.

Is that too much to ask? Let's go back to those days when politicians were people who were too s...
November 1, 2004 by historyishere
"A man never lies so much as after a hunt, during a war or before anelection."
-Otto Von BismarckWith the election day voting just mere hours from starting, itstarted me thinking about those very words uttered by Chancellor Otto vonBismarck in the late 19th century, and look in retrospect at the actions of both Kerry and Bush in thiscampaign and in their careers and private lives. So let's start with the hunt. Now, it would be easy to talk about George W. Bush'srelationship ...
October 28, 2004 by historyishere
I don't care who wins the election on Tuesday... I just hope John McCain runs for the presidency in 2008, because I have a lot of respect for him, and I think he would make an excellent statesman. He also seems to have a lot more integrity than BOTH the current candidates running today, so I think he would be a breath of fresh air.

He has done so much in his senatorial career which is worth mentioning, like his crusade against Pork Barrel practices, his desire for stronger laws for corporate...
October 27, 2004 by historyishere
Call it an October Surprise of another sort, but the folks at Snopes.com, the Urban legend debunkers came across a claim that they couldn't debunk... in fact, they found out it was even more freakish. The claim they originally heard was that for the last 15 elections, the Washington Redskins were the most accurate barometer for the resulting presidential election... and it turns out it wasn't the last 15.... it was the last 17.

SInce the 1936 election, the Washington Redskins performance has...
October 25, 2004 by historyishere
I was at another forum when someone mentioned this flash game called Battle for the Presidency in passing, and boy, is it good bipartisan fun.

Basically, you set up your own candidates(in the guise of Kerry or Bush), and then you just watch them debate against other candidates that other people have made, using the abilities you have given them. You don't have direct control over how the debate is going to play out...

And they do use all the dirty tricks too... some of them are hilarious...
October 20, 2004 by historyishere
After reading about some of the new Presidential candidates that people wanted to square off against in the Political Machine, it got me to thinking about who I would put on my ideal historical ticket. There were so many men and women of quality when I first started thinking about it that the decision of who exactly I was looking for in a candidate seem was an difficult task indeed. Then I thought about other world leaders who may have been a good part of a ticket.

So in that spirit, in addit...
October 19, 2004 by historyishere
I was just reading daily comics on Yahoo! and I came across a brilliant bit of political commentary on John Kerry from BC of all places.

I love seeing both sides get whammied by comedy....
October 19, 2004 by historyishere
Greywar wrote anarticle about a movie called Brainwashing 101, about the biasesdeveloping on American college campuses, and after watching the movie, I wasreminded of my own time in college when I was getting my history degree. Eventhen I was seeing a shift... though not so much in campus politics.... but inwhat was "important" in my field. 

When I started, the first year courses were pretty much all Generalhistory-type courses, and as your progressed, you would get more and more targetedto a...
October 18, 2004 by historyishere
Depending on your point of view the dynamic duo behind South Park and Team America were either striking yet another blow for voter apathy, or a step in the right direction for producing informed voters in a recent interview when the pair told uninformed and undecided voters to stay home.

"Stay home, it doesn't matter who you're gonna vote for. If you really don't know who you're gonna vote for, or are uninformed, or haven't really thought about it? Just stay home." Matt Stone remarked in an ...
October 6, 2004 by historyishere
I was just reading a story on Yahoo! News, as I am apt to do, and I just had to share it with you all. Dick Cheney made a booboo in last night's debate, an error that sent people not towards evidence that he believed refuted Edwards' Halliburton claims, but to an anti-Bush site that featured an article by George Soros instead. Now, that's comical. Not laugh out loud, movie funny, but it did put a smile on this liberal's face.

Now, trust me, I've been there. I've typed .com when I knew it was...
September 28, 2004 by historyishere
The two shorter stories in question followed by my analysis.

Comedy Central Unspins O'Reilly

Determined not to be caught up in a spin zone created by Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly, Comedy Central on Monday refuted O'Reilly's assertion that the audience for the network's The Daily Show was composed of "stoned slackers." The channel extracted data from Nielsen Media Research to indicate that Daily Show host Jon Stewart's viewers are more likely to have completed college than O'Reilly's. O...