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January 17, 2006 by historyishere
After reading a recent entry and set of comments by Texas Wahine, I was reminded of a site I used to visit a long time ago called Flame Warriors. I also made me think about what kind of warriors we have floating around here.

Granted, it is a list that was developed for Usenet groups, but it still has a lot of relevance to this community as well.

Personally, I think I have sort of become a Big Cat, because as the classification says, "Big Cat would rather not fight...he enjoys peacefully ob...
December 16, 2005 by historyishere
Somehow this little bit of logic has seemed to suit me well over the years.
December 8, 2005 by historyishere
Technorati Profile

Claiming a blog...yah!
November 23, 2005 by historyishere
Serves me right for not double checking the code before I posted. *DOH!*
November 4, 2005 by historyishere
Over the past few days, I’ve really been thinking about my place here at JoeUser. This is no goodbye entry or anything like that, so those of you who have read me in the past, I assure you that I am not going anywhere.

I have almost always made it a point in my online life that I don’t make things personal… that I don’t reveal too much about myself and try to allow others to do the same thing, because when you get personal, you give people ammunition against you later on. It has, for the lon...
October 19, 2005 by historyishere
I was just reading entertainment news over at yahoo! news and I noticed that they are now beta-testing a new module that is going to be able to search blogs... I don't know if it is only going to be selected blog sites or if the algorithm is developed to the point where it can independently figure out what is a blog and what is a normal webpage, but it seems like an interesting development. Given how well JoeUser articles and the Google search engine go together, I got to thinking about this who...
September 7, 2005 by historyishere
Seeing as I had a few more substantial blog entries coming up, I thought I would once again go with the fluff first... like an appetizer to the heavier meal coming up. Enjoy!

Your Blog Should Be PurpleYou're an expressive, offbeat blogger who tends to write about anything and everything.You tend to set blogging trends, and you're the most likely to write your own meme or survey.You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.What Color Should Your Bl...
April 29, 2005 by historyishere
After reading Gideon's post about How's your taste in Music, I got to thinking about another little quiz I found on the same site a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I would share it with the rest of you.

So, What Kind of Blogger are you?

Here's my results:

You Are a Snarky Blogger!
You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!What kind of blogger are you?

Personally, I don't think I am really that snark...
February 1, 2005 by historyishere
As some of you had noticed, I took a little break away from blogging and JoeUser in particular. While there were some personal issues in real life that led me to take a break, but it wasn't the only reason.

After the most recent election, I found myself getting increasingly angrier and angrier with the level of rhetoric coming from both sides and the anger of a lot of the discourse here, and with what was going on in real life... well, I had a feeling that I was going to go ballistic on some ...
November 12, 2004 by historyishere
I was just checking my friendster profile, and I noticed that the last article that was picked up was the one about the overlooked videos on the 10th... or 4 articles ago. I asked my friend to look at their bloglines to see if they received the new articles through the RSS feed, and they only saw up to the videos entry. She then ran it through an RSS Validator, and its coming up valid, so I don't know what is going on?

I then checked some other prolific bloggers, and they too don't have any n...
October 29, 2004 by historyishere
As with a lot of television shows, you eventually have to have a clip show... and in the blogging business, well, there aren't really clip shows. But, since this was my 100th article, I thought that format might be worth a shot. I mean, it is my blog, and I have a clip show if I want to.... hehe. But I think a better word for it is a "retrospective" because that sounds just so much... classier and sophisticated, and let's face it , this blog could you a shot of both of those qualities.

I adm...
October 26, 2004 by historyishere
Hello, my name is Matthew, and I am a points whore.... its been less than 24 hours since my last activity. I fell off the wagon, I admit it after I zealously went after Ashlee Simpson. I loved the attention... I had missed it so much before, and I don't want it to stop. But it must, because its just not healthy.

So in that spirit., I've decided to create the 12 step program... for overcoming being a points whore.

1. I admit that I am powerless when it comes to how the points come...
2. I...
October 15, 2004 by historyishere
Friendster... the often maligned social networking service that is still probably still the biggest one out there... which means that probably a lot of you have profiles there, even if you've taken your business elsewhere, as it were.

But now you can use Friendster as another avenue for getting readers for your blog... but using that old profile at Friendster. As Brad has said in the past, part of the secret to getting highly read articles is to have them available in a lot of places, and t...
October 8, 2004 by historyishere
There are some really... bad times to post blog entries.... most of these times are transitory it seems, but Friday afternoons have never been kind to me here for posting articles, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays have often been much better to me... don't know why.

So, does anyone else have times/days that they hate to post new entries?
September 13, 2004 by historyishere
Well, it seems that I've had 7 articles in a row that weren't huge attention grabbers since Friday.... and seeing as there have been a few articles that have recently been written about the techniques of the point whore, I think that given this run of bad responses... I think I can now adequately say the don'ts when it comes to getting a lot of points.

1) Art is not really a fast mover: Wow... at least I got 15 user points for posting those. Generally speaking, art-related articles seem to be...