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November 2, 2005 by historyishere
Is it me, or is EA becoming the Montgomery Burns of gaming... without the charm? Yes, alas it is true... on the next generation of platforms, any game based on the Simpsons will be made by EA, the juggernaut that already owns the exclusive NFL and NCAA Footbal licence, and given the quality of most Simpsons games in the past(Vivendi Universal's Hit and Run being a notable exception), this is a horrifying prospect. While EA may actually produce good games with the licence, I fear that in fa...
October 21, 2004 by historyishere
When the labor dispute between players and league owners began earlier this year... basically, hockey fans got hosed out of seeing how this season would develop. I myself like to play competitive hockey pools on Yahoo!, so I am missing a major Fall pasttime. Of course, when there are problems, usually someone always comes up with a fun solution. In this case, Tom Blink and canada.com have decided to "play the season that could have been," using NHL 2005 on the PS2 and post the results. Of cou...
September 12, 2004 by historyishere
As a followup to How well do you know your Classic Games, I thought I would also post another of the quizzes from the PBS story site. It was decent fun and a lively trip down memory lane. How did I do? I am a bit of a geek so I got 11/18 right on the little flash quiz. Basically, you listen to a short sound clip from a classic arcade/console game and you have to choose which of the three available options it was. Some of them were really hard, others, if you ever played that game, you know it...
September 12, 2004 by historyishere
Apparently the PBS did a program on the history and future of gaming, and as part of their internet supplement to this program, they posted a quiz about classic gaming in 3 progressively harder levels for a total of 26 questions(7 Easy, 14 medium, 5 hard). I passed the first and second part(6 and 13 correct answers respectively) and I thought it would be interesting to see how my fellow bloggers would fair on the test. It is available here: