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Is anyone getting referrals from this so far?
Published on October 19, 2005 By historyishere In Blogging
I was just reading entertainment news over at yahoo! news and I noticed that they are now beta-testing a new module that is going to be able to search blogs... I don't know if it is only going to be selected blog sites or if the algorithm is developed to the point where it can independently figure out what is a blog and what is a normal webpage, but it seems like an interesting development. Given how well JoeUser articles and the Google search engine go together, I got to thinking about this whole situation, and I am now wondering if any of my fellow JoeUsers have gotten a referral from this new system, and how old the article was if you have.

I mean, if both Google and Yahoo are quickly and efficiently cataloging our entries, it seems like we can expect higher readerships for our collective entries and a wider net of referrals as well.

Maybe someone in administration has an answer for this query(for example, if Yahoo approached them about adding this site to their news syndication service).

Until then, I guess I am going to just keep wondering.

on Oct 21, 2005
I don't think our blogs are cataloged by Yahoo, because I saw some of the blogs that came up with the search term "Toledo Riots" and they all looked very... un-joeUser like.