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A long walk in a blogging-free desert
Published on February 1, 2005 By historyishere In Blogging
As some of you had noticed, I took a little break away from blogging and JoeUser in particular. While there were some personal issues in real life that led me to take a break, but it wasn't the only reason.

After the most recent election, I found myself getting increasingly angrier and angrier with the level of rhetoric coming from both sides and the anger of a lot of the discourse here, and with what was going on in real life... well, I had a feeling that I was going to go ballistic on some people, and that wasn't something I wanted to do. Anger works for some people, but it isn't something I like to show in this public arena, and the topics I blog about reflect that. I started letting my personal life and feelings therein bleed into my emotions here at JU, and I felt it was better to take a step back(without saying anything), rather than allow them to color my relationships here.

As the weeks went on, I still read a lot of articles here, and I saw a few of this community's members also decide to take a break or leave entirely, and while it does sadden me, I understand why it happened. I set an artificial number--50 days-- for my hiatus, which allowed me to come to terms with some things, and approach blogging with a healthy attitude once again.

I am not mad at anyone in the community, and the fact that the few responses I made during my time away were in specific places should in no way reflect on my feelings for a lot of my fellow bloggers. Even in silence, I was still a member of many of your fan clubs.

In closing, I am feeling much better now, and I am glad to be back.

on Feb 01, 2005
Welcome back
on Feb 01, 2005
History: So glad you're back . . . I really missed you.
on Feb 02, 2005
Hey you. Glad you are back.

on Feb 02, 2005
Glad to see you blogging again. Also glad the time off was beneficial for you.
on Feb 02, 2005
I think you may be a candidate for the "smartest, sanest" person around. Glad you're back.

on Feb 02, 2005
Texas: I've missed you too...

Anglo: I don't know if I am either smart OR sane....

Raven: Glad to be back

BlueDev: It was very beneficial.

Thanks Danny for your welcome back too...