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I was just checking my friendster profile, and I noticed that the last article that was picked up was the one about the overlooked videos on the 10th... or 4 articles ago. I asked my friend to look at their bloglines to see if they received the new articles through the RSS feed, and they only saw up to the videos entry. She then ran it through an RSS Validator, and its coming up valid, so I don't know what is going on?

I then checked some other prolific bloggers, and they too don't have any new articles past the 10th.... and I am wondering if something has gone wrong with syndication?

on Nov 12, 2004
I think there has been a problem for a day or so. I us Blog Navigator and while I can see all new JU articles as they are fed by their generic JU feed (through the channel feeds), I can't see new articles on any of the individual blog site feeds.
on Nov 12, 2004
So its a problem that seems to be related to just individual blog sites then.... because even the Draginol blog feed is stuck at the 10th.
on Nov 12, 2004
Yes, I think it's the individual JU blog feeds. In Blog Navigator, you can set up feeds from all the individual blogs, but it also comes with a built in feed for all blog articles written on JU. That feed is working fine. But, I'm not seeing anything new in any of the individual blog feeds I have set up in my blogroll folder. It's very odd.
on Nov 13, 2004
Yeah... because I don't understand how that could happen.