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Best crossover online comic parody ever!(can I cram any more qualifiers in there?)
Published on May 5, 2005 By historyishere In Humor
I have been reading a lot of the hype about the upcoming Harry Potter movie, and I got to thinking about one of the most demented and yet high-concept parodies I have seen in a while.

Basically, the creator of "Kill Harry" isn't really a fan of either the legendary fantasy series or the hyperkinetic dual shotgun blast of Tarantino's latest epic, and so, with an odd flair, the artist and writer has decided to put these two works together, along with a great deal of other pop culture references together into a rather warped story.

It all begins with Harry Potter putting a death curse on Ms. Hermione Granger, a curse which after 4 years in a coma she survives... and she finds herself with the burning desire to Kill Harry Potter... which will require she go through many of his minions who are also familiar characters from Hogwarts. She encounters some strange and often unexpected characters along her path to vengence.

Will she find her revenge? Only time will tell, but seeing how things play out is half the fun of this, so you should check it out.

on May 05, 2005
Hey! This is great... if slightly sick.
on May 05, 2005
I didn't think Hanzo was making wands anymore...
on May 05, 2005
hehehe... but it is a special occasion.
on May 06, 2005
Oh, this was funny too..

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