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To those about to argue, I salute you.
Published on January 17, 2006 By historyishere In Blogging
After reading a recent entry and set of comments by Texas Wahine, I was reminded of a site I used to visit a long time ago called Flame Warriors. I also made me think about what kind of warriors we have floating around here.

Granted, it is a list that was developed for Usenet groups, but it still has a lot of relevance to this community as well.

Personally, I think I have sort of become a Big Cat, because as the classification says, "Big Cat would rather not fight...he enjoys peacefully observing forum conversations and laconically participates when the moods strikes. He playfully chases interesting threads...". And to think, I used to be a much more "capable" warrior at one time.

So why don't you go through the types at the site and figure out who you are. I am sure you will see a lot of friends and enemies while you are there.

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on Oct 09, 2006
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