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Published on April 28, 2005 By historyishere In Google
Seeing as I have not been as current with this site(and keeping up my own blogging escapades to the standard that I once did), this may have been posted before, but I found a site called Montage-a-google which uses the image search function of Google to make a mosaic-like montage picture based on the search term you entered, and I thought it was worth sharing with everyone else.

While I do believe the searches are safe(the "adult" filter is on), there is still the possibility that something naughty could pop up in your montage, but I doubt that it would.

In preparation for this article, I decided to see what the picture would look like if I used the search term "JoeUser" and the following was produced.

which upon looking at it, I see a lot of content that I am familiar with from the past.

And then, I tried the search term "SPMBT", because I wanted to see what would pop up... and was pleasantly surprised to see a few pictures from my own article about the game pop up as part of the mosaic.

I think the thing that I really liked about this whole process was that you can go right to one of the individual pictures if something interesting comes up(as all the pictures are also links) , and you can find out if it was something that you yourself posted or created.

So try it out and if you get something weird or interesting as part of the process, I'd love to hear about the search term or see a picture of what came up. I just hope I don't end up killing the site by posting it here.

on Apr 28, 2005
That's super cool! Yay, another fun thing to do to waste me time.

You should blog more often, btw.

on Apr 28, 2005
well, let's just say I've been letting other fun things waste my time as of late... hehe

I'll try to be a bit more regular...
on May 01, 2005
There was some other cool Google site... I think it mixed Google Maps with Claigslist. Really nice!!
on May 02, 2005
I know there is a Google Images based quiz too...
on May 03, 2005
Amazing! Thanks for the heads-up. Haven't used Google all that much, but THIS is something else!
on May 03, 2005
pretty cool. wish they would use more than 20max.