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Published on October 26, 2004 By historyishere In Blogging
Hello, my name is Matthew, and I am a points whore.... its been less than 24 hours since my last activity. I fell off the wagon, I admit it after I zealously went after Ashlee Simpson. I loved the attention... I had missed it so much before, and I don't want it to stop. But it must, because its just not healthy.

So in that spirit., I've decided to create the 12 step program... for overcoming being a points whore.

1. I admit that I am powerless when it comes to how the points come...
2. I believe a greater power can bring sanity to this site, and does every day(Thanks Brad and mods)
3. Make a more concerted effort to write better quality articles for the group
4. Gather all my resentments and grudges and then deal with them in a calm manner without resorting to an external article attack...
5. Be Brutally honest about everything
6. Make a concerted effort to deal with all of my blogs deficiencies
7. Be humble....
8. Figure out who gets hurt by my blogging... mostly the people in #9 I gather....
9. Clear the blacklist...
10. Figure out what is working, and what isn't... and always try to improve
11. Grant myself the ability to edit that which is editable, the patience to deal with what isn't, and the judgement to know the difference between the two.
12. Nothing will ensure that I don't fall back into the life so much as helping other recovering point whores deal with their problem as they help me deal with mine.

I hope others will soon walk the same path I do. And if not, well, I might totally become one again. Which could be interesting, but we just never know what is going to happen.

I guess I haven't gotten through step 1 yet.

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on Oct 26, 2004
Oh sure.....You can quit any time you like.....it's no big deal....it's a weekend thing! LIAR!
on Oct 26, 2004
I know how tough withdrawal is, so here are some points to help ease the pain! !
on Oct 26, 2004
Well, one post isn't going to be the end of the world.... I can do one post and be OK....
on Oct 26, 2004
Very creative, you big whore, you.

BTW . . . have you ever blacklisted anyone?
on Oct 26, 2004
Nah... I never blacklisted... because no one has attacked me really.... at least in my own blog. I did think about doing some pre-emptive blacklisting, but where would the fun be in that.....
on Oct 26, 2004
I'm a blacklisting virgin, too . . . I never really want to blacklist anyone . . . I just want to call them really bad names and hit them in the face with a sledgehammer.
on Oct 26, 2004
. . . I 'm also not surprised that you haven't blacklisted anyone yet . . .you don't seem the type to do that . . .
on Oct 26, 2004
See, this is the characteristic point whore reaction... they are giving me points for being in a thread, and if it gets heated, well, you keep getting points....

That's the same reason I didn't get bent out of shape by that spammer hitting one of my articles... because it was a bump....

Yes, I admit it... I'm SHAMELESS!
on Oct 26, 2004
Yes, I admit it... I'm SHAMELESS!

. . . did you notice how I spread my comments out over two replies, eh? I think that, in addition to being a whore, I am also an enabler . . .
on Oct 26, 2004
Well, you helped me fall of the wagon, because you were giving me a steady supply of things to reply to
on Oct 26, 2004
he he he . . . it's amazing the whoring that can be accomplished with a mere two bloggers
on Oct 26, 2004
Look! We're doing it now!
on Oct 26, 2004
he he he . . . it's amazing the whoring that can be accomplished with a mere two bloggers

Whoring is best with two people

That being said, we are having a fabulous conversation..... nothing wrong with that, is there..... its just a back and forth kind of things....

Oh, and in A self-portrait of sorts, I answered your question about which Simpsons episode it was.... an episode written by Conan O'Brien of all people.
on Oct 26, 2004
Not only is that an article about how to get over point-whoring...
on Oct 26, 2004
...but overall steps toward being a good blogger!

Addendum: 13. Do not in two replies what you are able to do in one.
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